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Product description: Fine ground vanilla bean powder produced from spent natural vanilla beans. This product has a subtle vanilla aroma and taste which permeates through during food preparation. The vanilla beans used for making B grade ground vanilla powder are the by-product from manufacturing vanilla extract and are classified as spent vanilla. Vanilla beans are dried to less than 10% moisture content and ground into a fine powder. 
Concentration: Ground dried spent vanilla beans 100%.
Ingredients: Ground dried Vanilla beans reprocessed from vanilla extract manufacturing. No preservatives, no colouring agents, no restricted substances, no allergens.
Guarantee: Chemical Free. Vanilla beans used in this product were cultivated without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilisers.
Physical: Density 300g/L. Not soluble in water or ethanol.
Microbiology: Standard Plate Count CFU/g:

Total Yeast Count CFU/g:

Total mould Count CFU/g:

Coagulase Positive Staphylococci/g:

Coliform MPN/g:   

E.coli MPN/g:

Salmonella per 25g:

Listeria per 25g:    

20,000 Limit 1,000,000






Not Detected

Not Detected

Applications: Cereals, baking, beverages etc
Suggested Dosage: Use 40-60g grade B ground vanilla powder per kg.
Shelf Life: 24 months, un-opened @ 20 °C
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200g Ground Vanilla B, 1kg Ground Vanilla B, 4.5kg Ground Vanilla B, 10kg Ground Vanilla B, 20kg Ground Vanilla B

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